Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen + Some Other News

I hope to have confirmed information re general availability of the 4GB pen within the next two weeks. Once I have a confirmed date for stock, we’ll open up the store for pre-orders.

Here’s an image of the 4GB in the new colour

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen

2010 is shaping up as a big year for us

Firstly, the RRP for the 2GB pen has been reduced to $299 (including GST). This is in time for us to help out the flood of new students entering university as well as many of our Government and corporate users who are completing trials of the Pulse Smartpen within their operations.

You may also have noticed that we’ve added the A4 and A5 pads into the store – it’s nice having metric paper products at last…

The really important development though is that we’ve been working on some innovative ideas for where we see the Pulse Smartpen going – particularly now that the software development kit is out there. I’m going to share some ideas with you in January about how we see the technology being used in education and business.

We’re in the final stages of a pretty significant development to help us help you better. The first part of this will be the launch of an Australian support wiki. This wiki will contain FAQ’s, community feedback, as well as tools to help us solve some of the occasional problems that emerge with the pen and desktop. One of the core reasons we’re doing this is that we’re a pretty industrious bunch down here so I’m very keen to tap that inquisitive nature so that we all can benefit.

This won’t replace the support resources on the Livescribe site but will augment them and be focused on the issues that we track from you the customer.

Livescribe in Education

Another key goal of the wiki will be to create an interactive environment where we can collaborate to develop policies around how Livescribe can be used by students.

One of my core goals is to develop a framework of information and policies that schools, TAFE’s, and Universities can then refer to or use so that everyone understands what the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen does and how it can be used to help the learning experience.

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