Livescribe Desktop – Custom Notebooks

Version 2 of Livescribe Desktop introduced a great new feature – custom notebooks. This was a feature many of our Livescribe Australia customers have been requesting.

Put simply, it allows a Livescribe user to create custom notebooks inside Livescribe Desktop where they can then park content that they may have created across a number of different Livescribe notebooks.

How Is This Useful?

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Livescribe Custom Notebooks for Student Use

I contacted one of our local customers who’s a university student. His comments included:

I really like this feature. It now allows me to organise notes across subjects and even better across assignments. So if I’m doing research on a specific assignment I simply create a custom notebook and then whenever I’m taking notes on this I write the assignment name at the top of the page. This means once I dock my pen I can search and then move the pages into the relevant notebook.

Livescribe Custom Notebooks for Business Use

I spoke to a Sydney Livescribe user – Craig Henshaw from Practical Impact. Craig works in the strategic consulting space and is often working on multiple assignments.

I appreciate the fact I can take notes for specific clients and put them into individual folders so easily. This comes in handy when reviewing work with clients as it means I simply click on the folder and can see all relevant notes in one place.

This YouTube video will take you through a tutorial on how to create custom notebooks.

If you’re a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen user – 2GB or 4GB pen, and you’re on the later versions of Livescribe Desktop then you have access to this feature.

Your feedback as always is appreciated.

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