Exclusive Offer from Smartpen – New Echo Smartpen plus MyScript for Livescribe

Yesterday was a busy day for both Livescribe (globally) and ourselves locally with the announcement of the new Echo range of Livescribe Smartpens. As we’ve noted elsewhere, the range of Livescribe accessories was also expanded.

As many of our customers know, Smartpen are the only Australian sales partner to offer local customers the option of purchasing a Livescribe Smartpen bundled with MyScript for Livescribe.

We’ve now extended this to include the Echo range of Smartpens.

MyScript for Livescribe

Exclusive offer from Smartpen Australia

Exclusive to Smartpen Australia we offer our customers the option of purchasing the Echo 4GB or 8GB Smartpen bundled with MyScript for Livescribe.

Details of these options are available:

MyScript for Livescribe is a fantastic piece of software that allows a Livescribe Echo Smartpen user to take page(s) of hand written notes and convert these into editable text. MyScript sits behind Livescribe Desktop and is activated by clicking the ‘Convert to Text’ button that sits inside Livescribe Desktop.

Feedback from the user community about MyScript has been very positive – I encourage you to consider it when you go to purchase either a Pulse or Echo Smartpen.

If you have any questions about how MyScript for Livescribe works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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