Dynamic Business Reviews Livescribe Echo

Great to see the Australian business news site Dynamic Business review the Livescribe Echo Smartpen – as published today

Business use of the Livescribe product range here in Australia has been very strong – a reflection of just how switched on we are as business people in that we quickly realised the efficiency benefits the mobile computing platform could deliver.

A couple of things Jennifer didn’t touch on.

1. MyScript

This is a critical time saver

One thing we’ve learnt from working with business owners and executives over the past couple of years is how important the optional MyScript for Livescribe is. In simple terms, MyScript allows a Livescribe user to take one or more pages of hand written notes and then convert this hand writing into editable text – a very useful time saving option.

Pencasts – Collaboration on a Different Level

The other key feature we’ve been discussing with business users lately is the new Pencast feature. This allows a business executive who might be remote from his or her office to take meeting notes and then send these notes – hand writing and audio back to the office so that other key people can access, listen, and use the information. This creates really interesting opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration etc.

Yep. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a cool piece of technology – but the coolness extends well beyond the features that a journo might find amusing…

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