FREE Pulse Smartpen Offer for a Queensland School

With the launch of the new Echo Smartpen range a few months ago I upgraded my 4GB Pulse Smartpen to an Echo. So I’ve got a near new Pulse Smartpen that sits around doing nothing.

As such, I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to give this pen away to a school in Queensland so that it can be put to good use and help students who have learning difficulties.

This is the Pulse Smartpen:

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

We’re giving away a 4GB Pulse Smartpen

Here’s the criteria you need to meet in order to qualify:

  • You must work at a primary school or high school in Queensland, Australia
  • Your school can be public or private
  • The pen is for the school to use and determine what happens with it.
  • You need to have a program that supports students who have learning difficulties or you have programs to support students from a non-English speaking background

In relation to the pen, please note:

  1. It will be supplied with a single A5 spiral notebook
  2. It will be updated, charged up, and ready for registration and use.
  3. It includes a premium leather case and USB charging cradle.
  4. No warranty is offered on the pen.

Ideally, we’d like some feedback from the school that gets the pen so that we can share this with our community. The feedback doesn’t need to be overly formal – just around how it was used, student feedback, user experiences etc.

Would You Like a Free Pulse Smartpen For Your School

Drop me an email to or add a comment to this post and give me some details as to your school and how you’d use the pen. I wish I had more pens to give away but alas I only have one.

The pen will be offered to a school that meets the criteria above on a first in basis. If you are the first to respond/qualify – I’ll need you to confirm the school will use the pen as per my notes above.

There is no cost to your school other than time to learn how to use the pen and encouraging students to try it.

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