My Thoughts on the Livescribe App for iPhone’s and iPad’s

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to experiment with the new iPhone application for Livescribe. Called Pencasts, the application allows you to share your Pencasts with your preferred Mac device or even browse public pencasts by popularity or category.

livescribe pencasts on an iPad

Having known about this for a while we were pretty excited to see the application released and I have to say it does live up to expectations.

From my perspective, being able to have Pencasts on my iPhone is quite handy as I can quickly access and/or share content on an instant, as needed basis. This is particularly handy in a business context where I can access content from previous meetings without needing to worry about which book I wrote in (I use multiple books simultaneously). The other feature I like is that I can access pencasts when talking one on one with people – no need to interrupt the flow of our conversation – just boot up Pencasts and go to the session I want to share.

One feature I wasn’t so sure about but have come to realise the hidden value of is that Pencasts allows me to browse public pencasts. As I noted earlier today, our new Smartpen Facebook store includes content and special offers aimed at our student, parent, and teacher communities. Now I’ve got the additional option of searching public Pencasts that are focused on education (or other industries for that matter) and can quickly review this content and then share it if I feel it will help the Australian Livescribe community.

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