Using a Livescribe Smartpen as a Tutorial Aide

We get a few questions every week about using a Livescribe Smartpen as a tutorial aide. Livescribe Smartpen’s offer real value for someone who tutors students so I thought I’d use this post to share my thoughts about the potential.

1. Capture key learning areas in short Pencasts

Pencasts are an easy way to create, store, and share interactive tutorials. A Tutor can focus on key learning areas and easily create a library of content that can be shared with students. Pencasts used properly can become a significant marketing tool for your business as well. Building a library of Pencasts is an excellent way of differentiating your services from other Tutors.

2. Embed Pencast content into blogs, and key social networks

Once a Tutor has created content, it’s then quite easy to repurpose the content and use it in different ways. Briefly, I’d suggest at least the following:

(a)    Embed the Pencasts into blog posts on key topic areas. This is great if you’re communicating with your students on a regular basis.

(b)    Share into Moodle – Moodle’s huge in the APAC education space so being able to share specific tutorials or even longer content pieces that Moodle users can access repeatedly over time.

(c)    Push into Facebook – For Tutors working in the K-12 space, Facebook is a great channel for ongoing dialogue with students and parents.

3. Use the student’s pen to create revision content or penmail’s

If you’re working with a student who has a Livescribe Smartpen it’s logical that you can use their pen to create revision content that they can refer to later. In addition, it’s simple to create short penmail content for a parent with instructions as to what a student needs to focus on or what homework/revision should be completed.

What’s important with these ideas is that Pencasts are a highly interactive form of communication. A student doesn’t need to rely on just notes or just audio. The combination of the two is the real value that a Tutor can deliver.

How are you using Livescribe Pencasts? Have you thought about using your Livescribe Smartpen to share interactive content?

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