Using Livescribe Connect – the New Connectors

A few minutes ago we blogged about two important announcements from Livescribe – namely the launch of Livescribe Connect and the introduction of the 2GB Echo Smartpen starter pack

Livescribe Connect is a really exciting development as it presents users with incredible flexibility to send and share content they’ve created to others. As Jim Marggraff commented in the official press release:

“Livescribe is liberating notes and evolving human communication, collaboration, productivity, and learning”

Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Livescribe

The seven connectors can be used in different ways and given we’ve had a few days to experiment with them; I’d like to share some ideas around how to use them.

An overview of the new Livescribe Connect applicationOver the past few days I’ve had a chance to experiment and learn about each connector and also think about how our customers might be able to use them.

Email Connector

Being able to email content you’ve created opens up a raft of opportunities for all Smartpen users. Some examples I can think of from both education and business include:

  • A teacher can set students homework and request it be submitted by email. The student can complete learning exercises and then email a Pencast PDF to the teacher;
  • A student can create content from lectures/tutorials and then share this content with fellow classmates;
  • A financial planner can take notes and audio that’s created from a client discovery meeting and email this to his or her office. This content can then be saved as a Pencast PDF against the client record in his CRM
  • A Partner from an accounting firm can take notes from client meetings around complex issues and share these notes and audio with both the client and internal resources
  • A Business Coach can take notes from a one on one session with a client and quickly share this with the client so as to reinforce action items.

Google Docs Connector

I don’t use Google Docs a lot but I do need to share documents and notes with a number of partners and internal resources. The connection to my Google Docs account was simple and I can see how in the future I’ll be able to take notes from partner meetings and share these into the cloud with a simple swipe of my pen and writing the word “Google”.

Facebook Connector

Given the growth of Facebook this connector has huge potential for Livescribe users. Across both the business community and for students and educators, connectivity to Facebook is exciting.

  • A CEO can create interactive Pencast PDF’s and take Podcasting to the next level.
  • A University Tutor can quickly share new content into their Facebook Fan page – helping create dialogue with students around important study topics.
  • Students can create assignment content and then share this with their friends, creating an opportunity for feedback and joint learning.
  • A Law Firm can share interviews and law updates with clients and fans via Pencast PDF’s.

Evernote Connector

This connector allows users to send Pencasts to Evernote to play back, store and search the information along with other important digital files. I don’t use Evernote – so if you do use feel free to send me some feedback so I can include it in this post.

Mobile/iPad Connector

I see a lot of business executives using iPads and iPhones – the ability to send Pencasts directly to these devices is quick and simple. What’s exciting about this connector is the user can bring up 1 or many pages on their device and replay the content by taping the screen. This is ideal for iPad users.

  • A project manager can bring up Pencasts and quickly review meeting or client content – or even review content that other users may have generated.

MyLivescribe Connector

I use my MyLivescribe account when I want to post a Pencast into this WordPress blog. The process of getting Pencasts into MyLivescribe is now simpler and it means I’ll always have a library of content ready to drop into blog posts.

Computer Connector

The ability to automatically route content into a shared folder has been something ANZ customers have been asking about for a long time.

For enterprise customers, this Connector will allow users to quickly nominate content to be sent to a shared drive. This gets even more appealing if customers are using workflow and knowledge management tools like SpringCM – which can interpret shared drives and move content further into the enterprise.

The other clear benefit here is that users can put content into shared drives that might be part of a company wide back up process – again a simple and important benefit.


These are some initial thoughts about how we’ll use the new Livescribe Connect application. We’ll be blogging more in the coming weeks as we talk to customers and think of new ways to create and share content.

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