Livescribe Sticky Notes in Action

I was talking to a Queensland user last week about how she is finding the new sticky notes that we added to the product range in July.

This user is studying at university and despite the faculty offering most lectures as podcasts she’s found her Smartpen an invaluable study tool. What was interesting was how she’s using sticky notes to help her capture and recall specific content and learning’s.

Here’s a picture she sent me showing a set of supplied lecture content with sticky notes added.

Livescribe Smartpen Sticky NotesShe uses sticky notes as follows:

  1. During lessons she can either take notes in her Livescribe Notebook or choose to listen more intently to the lecturer and quickly add an interactive note onto a specific page of the lecture content. This helps her recall specific points later on
  2. Working with her class mates she can add reminder points to notes and other group content – she often then shares this out to her study buddies using Livescribe Connect.
  3. She bookmarks sections of her text books using sticky notes. The 5×3 notes allow her to add content more than once as the course evolves

Thanks to this user for sharing this feedback. We’ve been short of stock of the sticky notes for a few weeks now but hopefully we’ll have more stock in early September.

If you’ve got feedback you’d like to share please feel free to contact me – we really appreciate hearing stories from users out in the real world – we’ll be sharing more user stories in the coming months including some fantastic applications of Smartpen’s, Livescribe Sound Dots, and how they are used to help foreign language students keep up in the Australian education system.

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