More Ways to Engage with Smartpen

In case you missed it the number of social channels that we currently use has grown quite a bit recently. Over the past (nearly) 4 years we’ve been actively using our blog, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. We’ve since added LinkedIn and Google+ to our footprint.

Here’s a quick recap of what we get up to:

Facebook and Smartpen1. Facebook

We share a lot of customer stories, product changes, and special offers through our fan page. If you’ve got a product or support question this is a good place to start (in addition to Livescribe’s excellent knowledgebase!). You can follow our page here – we announce special offers here first and we always welcome your feedback – let us know how we’re going or where we can improve

2. TwitterTwitter is cool for Smartpen

Like Facebook we find Twitter is ideal for providing rapid feedback and service. We share a lot of education based stories as well.

As someone noted to me recently Twitter is a bit like ‘Where’s Wally’ as its one way people can keep up with where I am in the region! Our Twitter account is here – feel free to drop us a tweet.

The Smartpen Blog - my favourite online channel3. The Smartpen Blog

The blog has been my favorite engagement platform over the past three and a half years.

I’ll continue to break news, share stories and blog about how Livescribe is the only digital writing platform of its kind in the world.

Shortly, I’ll be announcing details of our upcoming business pencast program – short, focused interviews with business users around the country – giving them a chance to share how they use their Livescribe smartpen – I’m really excited about this and the opportunity to showcase Pencasts to our local community.

I love YouTube4. YouTube

Video and specifically YouTube has been fantastic for Smartpen as it allows us to show what the Livescribe pen does and how it can help a diverse range of users.

The really exciting news for 2012 is that we’re going to be creating local user content – talking to teachers, executives, students around how they use their Livescribe pen – subscribe to our channel to get first hand news.

LinkedIn is where you can find Smartpen5. LinkedIn

Livescribe has emerged as a must-have business tool.

Tablets are nice, but real engagement in meetings, with clients, or even brainstorming ideas comes from being able to capture what you write and what you say/hear – and this is unique to Livescribe. Follow Smartpen on LinkedIn as we share business stories, pencast interviews with business users, and general tips on how to use Livescribe effectively in the office.

6. Google+Google+ - where we hang out!

Whilst we were early adopters of G+ it’s only recently that we’ve been able to work out how to harness this in an interesting way.

Here’s the exciting news – Starting in two weeks we’re going to be holding regular ‘hangouts’ so as to give you the chance to ask questions, and engage with us. It doesn’t matter whether you have a pen or you are thinking about buying a pen – our regular hangouts will be a great opportunity to pick the brain of Mr Smartpen!

So in this age of engage – connect with us – we are social…

PS. if you’re wondering how we manage all these channels – we use and recommend the Social Marketing hub from Awareness Inc – an enterprise tool that allows us to centrally manage and engage with our communities across multiple channels.

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