Using Livescribe Smartpens to help Corporate Communications

I had the opportunity to train a group of corporate communication professionals recently on the Livescribe Echo smartpen. The company they work for has rolled out a smartpen for each person in this group.

What was interesting about this group was how they’ll be using their Smartpens. Being involved in corporate comms means they are interacting with a diverse range of stakeholders around the work their firm does (think large infrastructure projects). These stakeholders can range from government, industry, technical experts, and community groups.

The key requirement where they identified value was around the need for them to capture accurate minutes and notes from meetings.

Where Could the Digital Writing Platform Help?

As we dived into training the group started identifying areas where Livescribe would bring value to their day to day work lives. The key points they felt would benefit included:

  1. Accuracy of meeting notes and stakeholder meetings – given the nature of the work they do, accuracy of what was discussed or agreed in meetings is paramount
  2. Recall of complex/technical terms – the comms professionals often find themselves in the midst of highly technical discussions with groups of experts from various fields.
  3. Compliance – in some situations, the professional are compelled to have audio recordings of meetings – notes and audio simply adds to this compliance.
  4. Speed – the users are able to instantly share notes or combined with MyScript for Livescribe, convert their hand written notes into editable text thereby distributing meeting minutes fundamentally faster than they can with a dumb pen and paper.

Key takeaway points

  1. Connect will allow them to distribute notes and audio to key stakeholders in meetings
  2. Where they need to generate very accurate records of meetings – the pen is crucial
  3. In highly technical meetings they don’t need to worry about trying to write down or understand technical terms or words – they can listen to the audio later to create an accurate transcription
  4. By using MyScript, the user can significantly reduce the time gap from meeting to minutes distribution


Accurate note taking and real engagement in meetings remains a critical priority for companies – Livescribe smartpens as a digital writing platform provide the right foundation for this to happen.

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