Put Down Your Gadget and Pick Up a Smartpen

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal talked about the need for workers to put down their smartphones and tablets and start doodling.

Employees at a range of businesses are being encouraged by their companies to doodle their ideas and draw diagrams to explain complicated concepts to colleagues.

This is a point we clearly believe in and we’d take that a step further and say use a Livescribe smartpen so you can capture audio with your writing – and then move this into the digital world.

Even with advanced gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, “the hand is the easiest way to get something down,” says Everett Katigbak, a communication designer at Facebook

Many of our corporate clients already realise this – the fact remains that workplace communication and knowledge sharing is built around verbal conversations – and Livescribe smartpens capture this and via the digital writing platform allow this critical knowledge to move into the work digital world.

Using Post-It Notes to Create Interaction

Something else caught my eye in the article – this picture

Post-It Note Doodles

A workplace using Post-It notes to create interaction, to spark the creative side.

We’re holding a half day strategy workshop for Smartpen this week – mapping out our social marketing efforts in the run up to the Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies event and into the second half of the year – this got me thinking about how we can use Livescribe Sticky Notes to help this process.

Our plan now is to still use flip chart paper to craft the strategy week by week – but we’re going to use sticky notes to add strategy clues to each week – so in a few weeks time once we’re deep in it – we’ll be able to refer back to the sticky note and re-listen to what we were discussing at the time. If you recall an earlier blog post i wrote about Craig Leaney – this is kind of the same but we’re moving the content from the paper into the digital world, and also dynamically onto our planning sheets.

I’ll share some photo’s once we’ve completed the session.

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