How A Smartpen Helps You

Do you take notes? Do you sometimes (or always) think – what did so-and-so say? What did my teacher say about the exam, homework? Why am I answering this question AGAIN?

Guess what? You need the Livescribe smartpen.

The Livescribe smartpen remembers what you forget, it remembers every word and note. Drift off for a minute? Don’t worry, the smartpen has your back

Want to be really engaged in your meeting or class? Then you need this pen!

Are you a creative thinker? Someone who needs to sit and ponder, to write out your thoughts? Is it your responsibility to keep accurate records of meetings and meeting outcomes? Guess what – you need this pen!

Its easy for me to say you need a Livescribe smartpen – but what do real users think of the smartpen? Let me share two examples from the education and business worlds.


In this video, Stephen Corcoran from St Stephens College in Perth shares tips on how he uses his Echo smartpen in class.

Echo SmartPen and Livescribe from Stephen Corcoran on Vimeo.

We will be sharing many other stories from teachers and students in the coming weeks as many of those teachers who enrolled in our Ambassador program start sharing pencasts.

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Earlier this year I had a chance to sit down and talk to John McConville from Avery Dennison. John’s been an avid Livescribe user for a number of years and in this pencast interview he talks about how he uses his smartpen. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the pencast below:

Livescribe pencast interview - avery dennison

John makes some valid points about how he uses the pen within business. With lots of technology around him, he still values being able to take hand written notes, which, when combined with audio becomes very valuable IP for the business.

This is similar to what another business user told us back in April – when Craig Leaney talked about the value of being able to listen to notes over and over and how this meant the business extended the value of group discussions well beyond the face to face time.

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Do you have a story to share? Use comments or connect with us via our channels as we’d love to hear how you use your smartpen

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