Using Livescribe Sound Stickers – An Education Example

Earlier this month we introduced the Livescribe Sound Stickers to the product range. We’ve had them here for a few months testing them with a number of schools around the region – we’ll be sharing some of these success stories in the coming months.

If you work in education and you’re wondering how you might use Sound Stickers, this YouTube video from the Livescribe team will give you some ideas

Here are a few reasons why you need to start using Sound Stickers in either the classroom, your corporate learning environment, or even in your consultancy (we see real potential with speech pathologists for example).

  1. Sound Stickers allow static, written content to become interactive – whether its a book, poster, or training manual, the stickers bring a new dimension to reading and learning
  2. If you’re working with students from a non-english speaking background Sound Stickers allow you to incorporate natural language verbal instructions into books, posters, and manuals
  3. It reinforces the importance of using pens/pencils – helping young students develop specific motor skills
  4. Reading should always be fun – Sound Stickers add a new fun dimension

How could you use Sound Stickers? I’d love to hear your feedback

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