Using Sound Stickers – A Business Example

Earlier this month we introduced Sound Stickers for our Australian and New Zealand customers. I posted recently an example of the Sound Stickers being used in an education environment for a very young learner.

Sound Stickers Aren’t Just for Schools

When you look at the capability of the Sound Sticker you’ll realise there are a multitude of business uses where they can help learning and communication.

Livescribe Sound Stickers

Let me share a couple of examples that I’ve been thinking about.

Most organisations realise that their employees learn in different ways – and not every one is a highly proficient reader. Sound Stickers give us the opportunity to add an oral layer to written content – so the employee could read content and/or tap the Sound Sticker and have the words read to them.

 Where Would This Help?

Straight away I thought it would help with those workers who have a low education base (i.e. didn’t finish high school or go to uni). If their reading skills aren’t that proficient or they struggle to comprehend technical concepts – having the page talk to them increases the chance they’ll learn or understand the content goals.

Think also about workers from a non-english speaking background? There is nothing stopping you have a sound sticker on the page in English, or even multiple stickers to deliver content in different languages.

Showcasing Sound Stickers in an Induction Manual

If you’re coming to CeBIT this week I’ll have an example on hand to show visitors – we’ve taken a basic site induction manual and added Sound Stickers to the manual so as to create an oral layer over the printed content. This includes using Sound Stickers to verbalise the printed content as well as ask questions of the user so as to help them complete the induction process effectively.

How Could You Use Sound Stickers in your Workplace?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you could use Sound Stickers in your workplace. In fact, post a comment here, or share your thoughts on our Smartpen Facebook page and we’ll give a contributor a 2GB Echo smartpen and a pack of sound stickers – post before 30 June 2013 (for Australian and New Zealand residents only) to qualify – either here on this post in comments or on our Facebook page.

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