Microsoft OneNote Integration Now Available via Livescribe 3

Now this is interesting…

Livescribe today launched an update to their Livescribe+ app which now includes the option to send your notes directly from your paper, into the Livescribe app, and onto OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote now Integrates into Livescribe 3

“We know that OneNote customers love how the software captures all the information they need, from typed notes to photos to spreadsheets.” said Gilles Bouchard, CEO of Livescribe. “Research shows handwriting is one of the fastest, most natural and least distracting ways to take notes, and now people can send the information from their Livescribe 3 pen directly to OneNote.”

I’ve already tested this new option and to be blunt, it rivals if not exceeds the Evernote options available on other Livescribe models. OneNote has clearly come along way from when I last tested it a few years ago.

“Microsoft OneNote is the best way to track what’s important in life by capturing ideas, organizing notes and sharing that information with co-workers, fellow students, friends and family,” said David Rasmussen, group program manager, OneNote. “Now people can use the Livescribe 3 to write their notes or diagrams, and use the power of OneNote to manage their daily lives via pen and paper or keyboard.”

Starting today, Livescribe 3 customers with the latest version 1.1.0 update can configure Livescribe+ to quickly send their handwritten notes up to OneNote, where the text can be organized, edited or shared with just a few taps.


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