Improving Workplace Productivity with Beesy for iPad

Earlier today Livescribe launched a new partnership with popular iPad productivity app Beesy (developed by BeesApps).

This new partnership now allows Livescribe 3 users to integrate handwritten paper notes directly into the Beesy iPad productivity app. Any notes, action items, drawings, or meeting minutes can now be easily integrated into their daily workflow. Handwriting is converted into digital text that is automatically organized into meeting minutes, tasks or action items to share with colleagues.

This YouTube clip shows the Livescribe 3 smartpen and Beesy app working together:

Key Points About Using Beesy

Please note the following for existing and new users of Beesy:

  • Integration is only available with the Livescribe 3 smartpen
  • Existing Users of Beesy – You will need to purchase the Livescribe Handwriting recognition option for AUD 27.99 in order to integrate notes into the app
  • New Users of Beesy – You will need to purchase the app (AUD 7.50) and then the upgrade (AUD 27.99)

Whilst its not a cheap option I personally can see this being my preferred destination for paper content (vs Livescribe+). I particularly like the Dashboard feature with both my calendar and the quadrant of activities based on importance and urgency – see this screen shot of my current dashboard:

Beesy and Livescribe 3 - improving workplace productivity

“Using Beesy, corporate customers can save more than 30 minutes a day by simply taking notes on paper and fully integrating their notes into their corporate environment, allowing them to quickly track activities, share action items and stay ahead of the curve while running from meeting to meeting,” said David Chevenement, CEO of BeesApps. “This integration with Livescribe is unprecedented because now people can capture notes with a smartpen and automatically see their words appear in digital text so the information is available whenever they need it.”

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