How to access the audio file from a Livescribe 3 smartpen recording

As many of you know, the Livescribe 3 smartpen uses your companion tablet or smartphone to record audio (unlike the Echo smartpen where the recording is on-board the pen).

Because of this, how the audio file is managed differs from the Echo range, which means if you want to export and/or share the native audio file you need to follow a number of explicit steps to do so.

Please note: By default, you can replay the audio using the pencast tab in Livescribe+.

IF you want to export the audio file only, you need to follow these steps (and please note, these steps are the iPad method as I don’t use an Android tablet.

  1. Go to Livescribe+ and into the left hand side menu option
  2. Swipe down to Pencasts and select the pencast you wish to share
  3. Share the pencast to either OneNote or Evernote.
  4. Browse to the file in one of these cloud platforms and then download the file to your local computer
  5. Open the PDF file you downloaded with Adobe Reader (I personally use Acrobat Reader DC (which I hate but that’s another story!))
  6. In the left hand vertical toolbar you’ll see a paperclip icon, click this and it will then show you the underlying audio file.
  7. Right click or two-finger tap and you’ll then have the option to export the audio file in m4a format.

Let me know if you have any questions in relation to this.

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