The Humble Flipchart Goes Digital

A staple of every office, boardroom, or training room is the humble flipchart – the large format paper and marker that gives you the ability to go large in working through ideas, mind maps, the action list, etc. But the attraction of the flip chart – large format paper & marker – is also its Achilles heal. Someone needs to physically take the paper, or take a photo, or transcribe what has been created.

What if the flipchart was digital?

What if those grand ideas, insights, updates, and actions were digital, in the cloud, and always available?

Want to bring up that new org chart you created 3 months ago? The business improvement workshop where you all brain stormed ideas for new products?

Well, pretty soon you’ll be able to do all this and more! Introducing the Quilla Connected eWriter from Quirk Logic.


Quilla is the next generation flipchart – its 42 inches of digital brilliance. Those great ideas, the action lists, those drawings you marked up with changes are now always available!

You can find out more about Quilla via the Quirk Logic website.

I’m expecting we’ll have Quilla available in AU/NZ in the second half of this year. Stay tuned.

Quilla - 1.jpg