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Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Flying High on Qantas

Had a chance to fly Qantas recently? Did you notice the inflight ad for Livescribe Pulse Smartpen? I’ve been travelling around the country recently and I’m always amused to see the other passengers suddenly take notice of the Livescribe ad during the inflight entertainment program. Last week one passenger across the aisle from me was madly trying to write down the details that I couldn’t help but hand him my business card – inflight ad to inflight Livescribe demo to inflight Livescribe sale… As an aside, did you know we’ve introduced an Australian version of the Livescribe Pro Pack? Tagged:

Changes to how we list Livescribe Pulse Smartpens

Ahead of our launch of an exciting new product bundle, we’ve standardised how we list the Livescribe Pulse 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens on our site. The product descriptions now clearly distinguish between both the 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens whilst also making it clearer which pens are bundled with MyScript for Livescribe (still an exclusive offer by Smartpen). Here’s a snapshot of the 2GB pens: The 4GB Pens are listed in a similar way. I trust these changes make navigation easier on our site. Any feedback will always be appreciated. Tagged: 2GB Pulse, 2gb smartpen, 4GB Pulse, 4GB Smartpen,

New Livescribe Accessory – Pulse Smartpen Cap

Recently Livescribe launched a smart new accessory for the Pulse Smartpen – caps that snap on the tip of your Smartpen. As many of you will know, the Pulse Smartpen is pretty round, and loves to roll away when you least expect it. The new Smartpen Caps are designed to easily snap onto the end of your Smartpen and will protect the tip whilst also preventing the pen from rolling away. At this stage we’ve not been given any information as to local pricing or availability – rest assured, as soon as we know we’ll blog about it. Tagged: 2gb

Livescribe Pencast Examples

We’re seeing more and more interest from Australian schools for the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen and one feature that is getting a lot of attention is the Pencast. Like podcasts, videos, tweets and digital photos, Pencasts are a new online communication tool, allowing anyone to digitally share notes, ideas, drawings and conversations from pen and paper online for the first time. We’re talking to a number of Australian schools about how they are using Pencasts and in the coming weeks I hope to be able to share some examples with everyone. In the meantime, here’s a great list of Pencasts from