Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Flying High on Qantas

Had a chance to fly Qantas recently? Did you notice the inflight ad for Livescribe Pulse Smartpen? I’ve been travelling around the country recently and I’m always amused to see the other passengers suddenly take notice of the Livescribe ad during the inflight entertainment program. Last week one passenger across the aisle from me was madly trying to write down the details that I couldn’t help but hand him my business card – inflight ad to inflight Livescribe demo to inflight Livescribe sale… As an aside, did you know we’ve introduced an Australian version of the Livescribe Pro Pack? Tagged:

Introducing the Australian Livescribe Pro Pack

Many of you would know that a Livescribe Pro Pack has been available in the US for some time. We’ve not had the option of offering this pack here in Australia. We’ve had lots of requests for it so we’ve created our own Australian version of the US product. We now offer a 2GB Pro Pack and a 4GB Pro Pack. These packs include: 2GB or 4GB Livescribe Pulse Smartpen in Titanium (not black as shown on the US site) MyScript for Livescribe – fully licensed version for Mac or PC Pro charging Cradle Premium Black Case. Details of both

Livescribe Special Offer – 2GB Pulse Smartpen + Free Leather Case

We’re pleased to announce that Livescribe has extended one of their US special offers to their Australian fan base. The special offer is for a Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen plus a free Premium Leather Case in Blue. If you’re interested in this offer – check out our store for details. What you get: A shiny new 2GB Pulse Smartpen in Titanium The Titanium Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe A Premium Leather Case in Blue This is a limited time offer from Livescribe and Smartpen. If you’d like any further details, don’t hesitate to contact us Tagged: 2GB, 4GB, livescribe, Pulse, smart

Livescribe 2GB + MyScript Offer Finishes – Should we bring it back?

Over the past few months we’ve been running a really great offer whereby the Livescribe Pulse 2GB Smartpen has been bundled with MyScript for Livescribe. Our regional distributor organised this for us and it’s been very successful (thanks John!). But all good things must come to an end – or do they? We’re currently investigating whether we extend the special offer or even create a special offer or special bundle. We need your feedback. If you purchased a Pulse Smartpen how important was it for MyScript to be included? Should we extend the offer? What are your thoughts? Tagged: 2GB,