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Using Livescribe Smartpens to help Corporate Communications

I had the opportunity to train a group of corporate communication professionals recently on the Livescribe Echo smartpen. The company they work for has rolled out a smartpen for each person in this group. What was interesting about this group was how they’ll be using their Smartpens. Being involved in corporate comms means they are interacting with a diverse range of stakeholders around the work their firm does (think large infrastructure projects). These stakeholders can range from government, industry, technical experts, and community groups. The key requirement where they identified value was around the need for them to capture accurate

Livescribe – Your Digital Writing Platform

A question I’m often asked how best to categorise the Livescribe product range – is it a digital voice recorder? A tech gadget? With the proliferation of smart phones and tablet devices – essentially mobile computing platforms – the question is valid. What is unique about Livescribe is that it’s the only device that naturally, seamlessly combines what you write with what you hear, then giving you the ability to move this content into your digital and mobile world.   What this means  is that Livescribe is your digital writing platform. Introducing the Digital Writing Platform Livescribe as a Digital Writing