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Helping Improve Comprehension for Students with Dyslexia

Recently we exhibited at the SPELD New Zealand Memory Matters conference. Many of the delegates work directly with school and university students who have Dyslexia. This video from Livescribe discusses how a student can use Livescribe smartpens in class to help comprehension. If you’d like more information about how Livescribe smartpens can help students with Dyslexia, feel free to contact me via comments below or the Smartpen website. Tagged: echo smartpen, helping people with dyslexia, livescribe, livescribe australia, livescribe dyslexia, livescribe new zealand, Livescribe Smartpen, smartpen, smartpen australia

Memory Matters – A Customer Perspective on how Livescribe Helps

The theme for this years SPELD New Zealand conference is “Memory Matters”. Over the years of working with Livescribe we’ve heard from hundreds of customers about how important their smartpen is and how it aids memory. Livescribe’s Noteworthy blog published a US customer story this week that’s really relevant for SPELD delegates. As you can see in the YouTube video below, Katie Blanchard loves the fact her smartpen helps her recall her classwork. Tagged: echo smartpen, livescribe, livescribe 3, New Livescribe, smartpen, SPELD

Smartpen and Livescribe Exhibiting at SPELD NZ Conference

On the 27th and 28th of this month Smartpen and Livescribe will be exhibiting at the SPELD New Zealand Memory Matters conference in Auckland. Over the two days we’ll be showing the Livescribe product range, giving attendees the chance to use a smartpen and ask questions of our experts. If you’re heading to SPELD, make sure you drop by and say hello Tagged: echo smartpen, livescribe, livescribe 3 smartpen, memory matters, New Livescribe, smartpen, SPELD, SPELD New Zealand

Using Livescribe Sound Stickers – An Education Example

Earlier this month we introduced the Livescribe Sound Stickers to the product range. We’ve had them here for a few months testing them with a number of schools around the region – we’ll be sharing some of these success stories in the coming months. If you work in education and you’re wondering how you might use Sound Stickers, this YouTube video from the Livescribe team will give you some ideas Here are a few reasons why you need to start using Sound Stickers in either the classroom, your corporate learning environment, or even in your consultancy (we see real potential

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

The education world is abuzz with news on the flipped classroom — what is it, who’s doing it, does it work? The adaptive learning company Knewton has released an infographic in order to provide background on the flipped classroom model and why so many teachers are experimenting with it. Check it out and see if you learn something! Also, as our ANZ Ambassador program is now in the field, stay tuned for future stories here on how teachers across our region are using Livescribe smartpens to help the education experience. The Flipped Classroom Tagged: flipped classroom, livescribe, Livescribe Ambassador program,

Helping Indigenous Languages Survive

Following on from the launch of the Livescribe Ambassador program we’ve recently announced another initiative aimed at helping teachers across the region who work with indigenous languages. The aim of the program is really simple – provide a Livescribe smartpen to teachers who work in Australia and New Zealand teaching students local languages or working with local indigenous populations to capture or document their languages. Why? Our thoughts are that the Livescribe smartpen would allow the teacher to create pencasts of the language – capturing both the written and spoken words – these pencasts can then be used in the

Livescribe Education Ambassador Program Launched

Earlier today we announced the launch of the Livescribe Education Ambassador Program (LEAP). LEAP was first introduced in the US last year, so it’s exciting to be the first international market with this program. What is LEAP? LEAP is a program designed to help teachers and educators use smartpens as part of an interactive learning environment. We basically looking for ambassadors who want to use the smartpen in a learning environment and who will be willing to share pencast stories about how Livescribe smartpens are having an impact on teaching and learning. The program basics include: Teachers (who register interest)

Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference 2012

Did you know that Livescribe and Smartpen will be exhibiting and speaking at the Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies conference – 22 – 25 May 2012? We’ve organised a large exhibition area where we’ll be focused on showcasing the Livescribe product and its power, plus doing demo’s, helping new users get up to speed, as well as showing the entire product portfolio. The conference is great for us given our strong focus on education, and particularly how the Livescribe smartpens help: Students with learning and communication difficulties, and Teachers and parents who work with these students. New Product Announcement Given the

Improving Comprehension For Students With Dyslexia

We get a lot of requests from parents and teachers about how or whether the Livescribe smartpen could help students with Dyslexia. This is a very important area of use for smartpens and from feedback that we’ve received from the Australia/New Zealand community we know of many examples where students are using smartpens in the classroom. Given the level of interest around this, I’d like to share this video from our US Livescribe K-12 team. In the video, a student, parent, and teachers are interviewed about how the student (who suffers from dyslexia) is using the smartpen in her learning

The Smart School Awards Gift

With the end of the year fast approaching many final year school students are getting ready for exams whilst a lot of schools are gearing up for their annual awards nights. Over the past 3 years we’ve noticed more and more schools contacting us at this time of the year sourcing smartpen’s as graduation gifts for students. With this in mind we’ve launched a special offer for schools, TAFE’s, and universities around Australia and New Zealand. With the help of Livescribe we’ve packaged up the 2GB Echo smartpen with a 3-subject notebook into a School Awards bundle for schools to