How A Smartpen Helps You

Do you take notes? Do you sometimes (or always) think – what did so-and-so say? What did my teacher say about the exam, homework? Why am I answering this question AGAIN? Guess what? You need the Livescribe smartpen. The Livescribe smartpen remembers what you forget, it remembers every word and note. Drift off for a minute? Don’t worry, the smartpen has your back Want to be really engaged in your meeting or class? Then you need this pen! Are you a creative thinker? Someone who needs to sit and ponder, to write out your thoughts? Is it your responsibility to

Improving Comprehension For Students With Dyslexia

We get a lot of requests from parents and teachers about how or whether the Livescribe smartpen could help students with Dyslexia. This is a very important area of use for smartpens and from feedback that we’ve received from the Australia/New Zealand community we know of many examples where students are using smartpens in the classroom. Given the level of interest around this, I’d like to share this video from our US Livescribe K-12 team. In the video, a student, parent, and teachers are interviewed about how the student (who suffers from dyslexia) is using the smartpen in her learning

Livescribe Auckland and Wellington Visits

During the week of 5 September, I’ll be in Auckland and Wellington and I’m available to visit local schools and university’s to talk about how Livescribe Smartpens are helping the learning experience for teachers and students across the education spectrum. Over the past 3 years I’ve personally visited close to 100 schools, TAFE’s, and Universities around Australia, sharing experiences and helping teachers, students, and parents, understand the benefits that the Livescribe Smartpen brings to the classroom. Livescribe Smartpens are helping students learn anytime, anywhere through the simple act of writing, listening, and recalling key lesson content. Special Needs and Non-English

Helping Teacher – Student Communications with Livescribe Connect

We were blogging recently about the newly launched Livescribe Connect and how the use of interactive PDF’s will assist many different Livescribe users create, record, and share content via Livescribe’s interactive PDF’s. Just after Connect was launched I was talking with a High School in Victoria and we white boarded a number of ways that Connect could help teacher/student, and teacher/parent communication – and ultimately the learning experience (for everyone). What stood out for me was the fact that Connect will enhance communication between students, teachers, and parents. We broke out a couple of ideas that I’d like to share