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Livescribe smartpens in the Classroom

Over the past 10 years I’ve spoken to hundreds of teachers and undertaken training sessions at over 150 schools across Australia and New Zealand. This blog post is the first in a series of posts that I’ll publish in the coming weeks so as to address some of the most common questions I get about Livescribe smartpens. Which smartpen is most popular? Definitely the Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen. Its the most cost-effective model It’s the simplest to use – the student just needs pen and Livescribe pad on their desk How do students use their smartpen in class? For students

Using Livescribe Sound Stickers – An Education Example

Earlier this month we introduced the Livescribe Sound Stickers to the product range. We’ve had them here for a few months testing them with a number of schools around the region – we’ll be sharing some of these success stories in the coming months. If you work in education and you’re wondering how you might use Sound Stickers, this YouTube video from the Livescribe team will give you some ideas Here are a few reasons why you need to start using Sound Stickers in either the classroom, your corporate learning environment, or even in your consultancy (we see real potential

How A Smartpen Helps You

Do you take notes? Do you sometimes (or always) think – what did so-and-so say? What did my teacher say about the exam, homework? Why am I answering this question AGAIN? Guess what? You need the Livescribe smartpen. The Livescribe smartpen remembers what you forget, it remembers every word and note. Drift off for a minute? Don’t worry, the smartpen has your back Want to be really engaged in your meeting or class? Then you need this pen! Are you a creative thinker? Someone who needs to sit and ponder, to write out your thoughts? Is it your responsibility to

Livescribe Smartpens Helping Special Needs Students

This video is from a school in Collier County Florida. Bill Shulte, District Special Education Instructional Tech Specialist, brought Livescribe to his school to support special education students. As Bill and his co-workers discuss in the video, the program has grown in the past year to support a much larger number of students across all tiers of intervention. Here in Australia, we’re seeing more and more examples like this school district. At Smartpen, we’ve now got a comprehensive set of training and education resources available for Australian and New Zealand schools – if you’d like more information, please let me

Livescribe Sticky Notes – A Great Addition to the dot paper range

Earlier this year Livescribe introduced a great new product to their US range of dot paper – Livescribe Sticky Notes Sold as a 6-pack of pads these look pretty cool and would be very handy for most Livescribe Smartpen Users. Quickly capture short notes, lists, and reminders while adding audio to them. You can attach sticky notes to any printout, magazine, or book page to add personalized interactive notes. Some applications I can see include: Teachers can interact with students and use sticky notes to leave follow up tips. A teacher might use a student’s sticky note to leave comments

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen + Some Other News

I hope to have confirmed information re general availability of the 4GB pen within the next two weeks. Once I have a confirmed date for stock, we’ll open up the store for pre-orders. Here’s an image of the 4GB in the new colour 2010 is shaping up as a big year for us Firstly, the RRP for the 2GB pen has been reduced to $299 (including GST). This is in time for us to help out the flood of new students entering university as well as many of our Government and corporate users who are completing trials of the Pulse