Livescribe Paper Products

What Livescribe Notebooks Can I Use?

We’ve had a number of customers asking us via email and our social channels about what Livescribe dot paper products are compatible with the new WiFi smartpen. We do address this question on our product pages but it’s worth noting here as well. All current Livescribe paper products will work with your new WiFi smartpen – this means if you are upgrading from a Pulse or Echo smartpen, you can simple continue to use your existing notebooks. I’ve tested this myself – and even gone as far back as a notebook I first used over 5 years ago and the

Paper and Accessory Update for our New Zealand Customers

Many of our New Zealand customers have been on the phone, email, and engaging with us via social media about the lack of stock in NZ. To be honest, it’s been a battle all year to keep stock levels of the essentials available – a problem that is unfortunately beyond our control. A resupply of the most popular items will be on the water from Hong Kong shortly and is expected in early January. Once we have an ETA we will allow customers to back order items such as the A4 pads Tagged: livescribe, livescribe NZ, livescribe paper nz, smartpen,

Livescribe Sticky Notes in Action

I was talking to a Queensland user last week about how she is finding the new sticky notes that we added to the product range in July. This user is studying at university and despite the faculty offering most lectures as podcasts she’s found her Smartpen an invaluable study tool. What was interesting was how she’s using sticky notes to help her capture and recall specific content and learning’s. Here’s a picture she sent me showing a set of supplied lecture content with sticky notes added. She uses sticky notes as follows: During lessons she can either take notes in

New Livescribe Paper Product – Grid Notebooks

There’s a new Livescribe Paper Product option that we “may” have available in the Australia/New Zealand market shortly. The paper product has Grid lines rather than the standard ruled notebooks. These notebooks are available in both A5 and A4 pads and are sold as a 4-pack. Who Could Use These Notebooks? I think these notebooks are going to appeal to users who are working in design industries (such as architecture, interior design, engineering), students studying subjects such as optometry, science, built environment, or even sales reps who need to capture sketches, schematics, or site inspections when working with prospects and

Livescribe Sticky Notes – A Great Addition to the dot paper range

Earlier this year Livescribe introduced a great new product to their US range of dot paper – Livescribe Sticky Notes Sold as a 6-pack of pads these look pretty cool and would be very handy for most Livescribe Smartpen Users. Quickly capture short notes, lists, and reminders while adding audio to them. You can attach sticky notes to any printout, magazine, or book page to add personalized interactive notes. Some applications I can see include: Teachers can interact with students and use sticky notes to leave follow up tips. A teacher might use a student’s sticky note to leave comments

Livescribe Special Offer – 2GB Pulse Smartpen + Free Leather Case

We’re pleased to announce that Livescribe has extended one of their US special offers to their Australian fan base. The special offer is for a Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen plus a free Premium Leather Case in Blue. If you’re interested in this offer – check out our store for details. What you get: A shiny new 2GB Pulse Smartpen in Titanium The Titanium Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe A Premium Leather Case in Blue This is a limited time offer from Livescribe and Smartpen. If you’d like any further details, don’t hesitate to contact us Tagged: 2GB, 4GB, livescribe, Pulse, smart

New Paper Products

We added two new products into our store today. A4 Spiral Pads The standard spiral notebooks have been updated as we now have the A4 packs available. This is a good update for our regional customers as it standardises our most popular pad product with metric conventions. Like the previous spiral pad products they are sold as a pack of . If you’re currently using the spiral notebooks 1-4, then you can go straight onto the new A4 version when you need further books. A5 Spiral Notebooks Extending the range of paper products we offer we now have the A5