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Using a Livescribe Smartpen as a Tutorial Aide

We get a few questions every week about using a Livescribe Smartpen as a tutorial aide. Livescribe Smartpen’s offer real value for someone who tutors students so I thought I’d use this post to share my thoughts about the potential. 1. Capture key learning areas in short Pencasts Pencasts are an easy way to create, store, and share interactive tutorials. A Tutor can focus on key learning areas and easily create a library of content that can be shared with students. Pencasts used properly can become a significant marketing tool for your business as well. Building a library of Pencasts

My Thoughts on the Livescribe App for iPhone’s and iPad’s

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to experiment with the new iPhone application for Livescribe. Called Pencasts, the application allows you to share your Pencasts with your preferred Mac device or even browse public pencasts by popularity or category. Having known about this for a while we were pretty excited to see the application released and I have to say it does live up to expectations. From my perspective, being able to have Pencasts on my iPhone is quite handy as I can quickly access and/or share content on an instant, as needed basis. This is particularly

Livescribe Smartpens in Action in Education – more examples

A few days ago I posted some examples of how the Pulse Smartpen is being used in education. Here is another example of how students and teachers are collaborating around learning content. In this example, a teacher is creating homework tutorials for students in his physics class. This type of example is what we’re seeing emerge here in Australia, as more and more teachers are using the Pencast functionality from Livescribe to deliver assistance to students outside the classroom. There are a variety of ways Livescribe Pencasts can be shared including embedding the content into collaborative tools like Moodle. Tagged:

Livescribe as a Virtual Sales Coach

Late last year we wrote about how one of our customers was using the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen as a sales training and coaching tool. Given the recent introduction of Pencasts from Livescribe, I caught up with David recently to let him know about this new feature. David is now National Sales Manager for Master Electricians. Being responsible for the hiring and training of the Master Electricians sales team David has similar needs to his previous position and is using the Pulse Smartpen the same way. Livescribe Pencasts are an exciting development for David as it allows him to build a