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Livescribe smartpen Test Drive Launched

Starting today I’m pleased to announce that we have launched a Livescribe smartpen test drive/try before you buy service for our (potential) customers in Australia and New Zealand. The purpose of the test drive is to give you the opportunity to try the pen, experience the features, size, and benefits that come from this product before you commit to a purchase. How the Test Drive Works The test drive service is really simple – and it’s obligation free. In summary: You can trial either the Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen, or the Livescribe 3 smartpen for a period of 30 days

How to access the audio file from a Livescribe 3 smartpen recording

As many of you know, the Livescribe 3 smartpen uses your companion tablet or smartphone to record audio (unlike the Echo smartpen where the recording is on-board the pen). Because of this, how the audio file is managed differs from the Echo range, which means if you want to export and/or share the native audio file you need to follow a number of explicit steps to do so. Please note: By default, you can replay the audio using the pencast tab in Livescribe+. IF you want to export the audio file only, you need to follow these steps (and please

Do New Livescribe Models Mean Better Technology?

A key question I’m asked by customers all the time is – “I want the latest and greatest version of the Livescribe pen…” In the general consumer electronics space (CE) this is often the right question to ask – vendors typically release new models that are either incrementally better or step change better.We see this regularly with phones and tablets. With Livescribe though, that is not the case – so let me explain what I mean… What Smartpens Are Current Models? The Livescribe smartpen range consists of two core models: Echo smartpen – comprising 2GB and 8GB Pro Edition options

Livescribe 3 smartpen – hand writing conversion test

One of the great new features of the Livescribe 3 smartpen is the real conversion of hand written notes into text – text which you can then do more with. On Saturday, one of our Facebook fans asked a question yesterday in relation to this – Can this do OCR on large writing (say using font over 2 lines instead of 1), for those folk with vision issues? So I set out to test this today to see how the OCR handles writing across multiple lines. Page View In this first screen capture you can see my writing on the

New Firmware Update for WiFi Smartpens

Livescribe has advised that a firmware update has been released for the WiFi range of smartpens. You may update your smartpen firmware to the latest version by: Using Livescribe Helper to update Over the air – tap the Software Update control in your notebook cover There are two separate updates that will be applied to your smartpen Version 3.3.3 – June 19, 2013 Version 3.3.2 – June 19, 2013 Tagged: firmware update, livescribe, livescribe software update, sky smartpen, smartpen, wifi smartpen

Using Sound Stickers – A Business Example

Earlier this month we introduced Sound Stickers for our Australian and New Zealand customers. I posted recently an example of the Sound Stickers being used in an education environment for a very young learner. Sound Stickers Aren’t Just for Schools When you look at the capability of the Sound Sticker you’ll realise there are a multitude of business uses where they can help learning and communication. Let me share a couple of examples that I’ve been thinking about. Most organisations realise that their employees learn in different ways – and not every one is a highly proficient reader. Sound Stickers

Some Good Questions From Our Facebook Community

One of our Facebook community has set a new record for the longest post on our page with 8 lengthy questions that are all really relevant and worth repeating here via our blog. Peita’s Preamble The Facebook user posed some initial questions in her preamble that are worth addressing: I am a prolific note taker – then you’ll find this to be an invaluable tool I am going to a week long conference in the States next month which prompted me to think there is probably a better way to collate the learnings from such an event? – Interestingly, 5

Delivering Value for All Livescribe Customers

For the past 5 years Smartpen has worked really hard to support ALL Livescribe customers across Australia and New Zealand. Over the past 3 months we’ve worked to extend what we do even further beyond what anyone else does in the market. Because we’re dedicated to the Livescribe product we offer far more than simply competitive prices. This is important because it means piece of mind. Here’s what else we do above and beyond competitive prices: 1. Multiple Contact Channels Over the past 5 years we’ve identified and built a variety of channels so customers have a wide choice in

Put Down Your Gadget and Pick Up a Smartpen

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal talked about the need for workers to put down their smartphones and tablets and start doodling. Employees at a range of businesses are being encouraged by their companies to doodle their ideas and draw diagrams to explain complicated concepts to colleagues. This is a point we clearly believe in and we’d take that a step further and say use a Livescribe smartpen so you can capture audio with your writing – and then move this into the digital world. Even with advanced gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, “the hand is the

Using Livescribe Smartpens to help Corporate Communications

I had the opportunity to train a group of corporate communication professionals recently on the Livescribe Echo smartpen. The company they work for has rolled out a smartpen for each person in this group. What was interesting about this group was how they’ll be using their Smartpens. Being involved in corporate comms means they are interacting with a diverse range of stakeholders around the work their firm does (think large infrastructure projects). These stakeholders can range from government, industry, technical experts, and community groups. The key requirement where they identified value was around the need for them to capture accurate