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Study Smarter Not Harder This Year

As students start preparing for the start of the university year, a cold reality will set in after O-week and the rush to set lifestyle-friendly lecture schedules – study can and will be hard work… But does it need to be all hard work? Actually no. The Livescribe Echo smartpen gives students the ability to study smarter – not harder this year. The top tips we hear from users across Australian and New Zealand universities includes: Record and Playback – whilst many uni’s podcast lessons, students like the idea of capturing key snippets of a lecture and then tying this

Livescribe Sticky Notes in Action

I was talking to a Queensland user last week about how she is finding the new sticky notes that we added to the product range in July. This user is studying at university and despite the faculty offering most lectures as podcasts she’s found her Smartpen an invaluable study tool. What was interesting was how she’s using sticky notes to help her capture and recall specific content and learning’s. Here’s a picture she sent me showing a set of supplied lecture content with sticky notes added. She uses sticky notes as follows: During lessons she can either take notes in

Livescribe Auckland and Wellington Visits

During the week of 5 September, I’ll be in Auckland and Wellington and I’m available to visit local schools and university’s to talk about how Livescribe Smartpens are helping the learning experience for teachers and students across the education spectrum. Over the past 3 years I’ve personally visited close to 100 schools, TAFE’s, and Universities around Australia, sharing experiences and helping teachers, students, and parents, understand the benefits that the Livescribe Smartpen brings to the classroom. Livescribe Smartpens are helping students learn anytime, anywhere through the simple act of writing, listening, and recalling key lesson content. Special Needs and Non-English

Livescribe Smartpens Helping Special Needs Students

This video is from a school in Collier County Florida. Bill Shulte, District Special Education Instructional Tech Specialist, brought Livescribe to his school to support special education students. As Bill and his co-workers discuss in the video, the program has grown in the past year to support a much larger number of students across all tiers of intervention. Here in Australia, we’re seeing more and more examples like this school district. At Smartpen, we’ve now got a comprehensive set of training and education resources available for Australian and New Zealand schools – if you’d like more information, please let me

Helping Teacher – Student Communications with Livescribe Connect

We were blogging recently about the newly launched Livescribe Connect and how the use of interactive PDF’s will assist many different Livescribe users create, record, and share content via Livescribe’s interactive PDF’s. Just after Connect was launched I was talking with a High School in Victoria and we white boarded a number of ways that Connect could help teacher/student, and teacher/parent communication – and ultimately the learning experience (for everyone). What stood out for me was the fact that Connect will enhance communication between students, teachers, and parents. We broke out a couple of ideas that I’d like to share

Using Livescribe Connect – the New Connectors

A few minutes ago we blogged about two important announcements from Livescribe – namely the launch of Livescribe Connect and the introduction of the 2GB Echo Smartpen starter pack Livescribe Connect is a really exciting development as it presents users with incredible flexibility to send and share content they’ve created to others. As Jim Marggraff commented in the official press release: “Livescribe is liberating notes and evolving human communication, collaboration, productivity, and learning” Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Livescribe The seven connectors can be used in different ways and given we’ve had a few days to experiment with them;

Using a Livescribe Smartpen as a Tutorial Aide

We get a few questions every week about using a Livescribe Smartpen as a tutorial aide. Livescribe Smartpen’s offer real value for someone who tutors students so I thought I’d use this post to share my thoughts about the potential. 1. Capture key learning areas in short Pencasts Pencasts are an easy way to create, store, and share interactive tutorials. A Tutor can focus on key learning areas and easily create a library of content that can be shared with students. Pencasts used properly can become a significant marketing tool for your business as well. Building a library of Pencasts

Livescribe Three Subject Notebooks Now Available from Smartpen

I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new dot paper product to the range of Livescribe paper products offered by Smartpen (see here for details). The Three-subject notebook is now available in separate books – numbered 1 through 4. Product Specifics These pads are sold as individual items (not like the 4-pack A4 pads). The features of this product include Three dividers with 2 storage pockets for all of your loose-leaf notes and papers 150 ruled pages per book Perforated 8.5” x 11” dot paper, college ruled, three-hole punched Scientific, financial, and statistical calculator 4 individual books in the

Livescribe Smartpens Recognised as one of Top 100 Most Innovative Gadgets for 2010

Livescribe continues to earn international recognition for their mobile computing platform. Early last week PC World has included the Livescribe Smartpen range in its annual Best Products of 2010 report. It’s great to see Livescribe continuing to achieve  industry recognition. Recent announcements like the Apple applications and the Livescribe Paper Tablet app are clear demonstration of how Livescribe’s mobile computing platform is coming of age. Tagged: echo, echo smartpen, iPad app, iPhone App, livescribe, livescribe echo, Livescribe Smartpen, mobile computing, paper tabler, pcworld, Pulse, smartpen

New Livescribe Desktop Version Released – v2.3.1

An update was released for Livescribe Desktop (PC users only) in the past week – version 2.3.1. The release includes some exciting new features – not the least being integration to Evernote. The list of new features includes Additional sharing capabilities: Share .pencast files using your email client Share notes and audio recordings to an Evernote® account. Share entire custom notebooks to Livescribe™ Online, or as .pencast files. Audio playback controls in the Sharing interface. Ability to select and share multiple audio sessions as a .pencast file or when uploading to Livescribe Online. Ability to get information about a page.