Livescribe 2GB Echo Bundles

So, given the Echo range has been consolidated to just the one SKU – the 2GB Echo, our two value bundles – the smart writing sets for the Echo range are now clearly the best value for money anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. What is Included In the Echo Value Bundles Irrespective of which option you choose, each bundle includes: Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen MyScript for Livescribe There are two options – based on whether you want to use A5 or A4 paper. 2GB Echo A5 Smart Writing Set This value bundle is for those smartpen users who prefer

MyScript for Livescribe – Free with Echo Smartpens

Over the past few years one of the most popular add-ons for the Livescribe smartpen range is MyScript for Livescribe – software that converts your hand written notes into editable text. October Special Offer Starting on 1 October we’re offering MyScript for free with the 2GB and 4GB Echo smartpens. This is $29.95 of additional value included with the pen for free (we’re actually making this available as of today – so don’t wait for Monday). Simply purchase either of the standard 2GB or 4GB Echo smartpens and we’ll send an activation code and download link with the dispatch confirmation

Want to Win an Echo Smartpen Pack?

Here in Australia, the Gadget Guy is running a competition where two entrants will win an Echo Smartpen pack: To win, you just have to tell us one basic thing. It’s something we’re all a little curious about, especially as computers, tablets, and mobile phones go with us practically everywhere. In twenty-five words or less, tell us: Why do you love using your pen? Maybe you’re faster with it, or maybe it just gives you something to chew on keeping you awake in class. Terms and conditions are available on Gadget Guy’s site. Tagged: echo, echo smartpen, echo smartpen pack,

Livescribe Echo Accessories – Back in Stock

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve (finally) got most of the Livescribe Echo accessories back in stock. We currently have the following available for immediate dispatch: Livescribe Deluxe Carry Case – the demand for this product has been incredible and feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. Livescribe Smartpen Portfolio -this product has been very popular with business users – it figs snugly into most laptop bags and business satchels. Echo 3-D Recording Premium Headset – an excellent accessory that fits into the Deluxe Carry Case and gives users the complete set of accessories. If you’d like to order these

Special February Smartpen Pricing

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve launched a special February promotion with Livescribe for a couple of the Smartpen’s. The special pricing is as follows: 2GB Pulse Smartpen – RRP $209 – Reduced to $149. 4GB Echo Smartpen – RRP $242 – Reduced to $199. This pricing is available now and will run till Feb 28. The pricing noted above includes Australian GST. We’ve also reduced our exclusive bundles – the 2GB Pulse Smartpen + MyScript and the 4GB Echo Smartpen + MyScript. If you’d like more information feel free to contact us via our usual channels – blog, email,

Dynamic Business Reviews Livescribe Echo

Great to see the Australian business news site Dynamic Business review the Livescribe Echo Smartpen – as published today Business use of the Livescribe product range here in Australia has been very strong – a reflection of just how switched on we are as business people in that we quickly realised the efficiency benefits the mobile computing platform could deliver. A couple of things Jennifer didn’t touch on. 1. MyScript This is a critical time saver One thing we’ve learnt from working with business owners and executives over the past couple of years is how important the optional MyScript for

Livescribe Echo vs Pulse Smartpens – Comparing the two

Since the Livescribe Echo was introduced last month we’ve had a lot of questions about the differences between the two pens. Should I stay with the Pulse, upgrade to an Echo, which is the better model? In this post I’m going to discuss some of the core differences between the existing Pulse Smartpens and the new Echo range. Smartpen Product Line Changes By now you may have noticed changes to the product line up. With the withdrawal of the 4GB Pulse pen, the products available here in Australia and New Zealand include: 2GB Pulse 4GB Echo 8GB Echo As always,

Exclusive Offer from Smartpen – New Echo Smartpen plus MyScript for Livescribe

Yesterday was a busy day for both Livescribe (globally) and ourselves locally with the announcement of the new Echo range of Livescribe Smartpens. As we’ve noted elsewhere, the range of Livescribe accessories was also expanded. As many of our customers know, Smartpen are the only Australian sales partner to offer local customers the option of purchasing a Livescribe Smartpen bundled with MyScript for Livescribe. We’ve now extended this to include the Echo range of Smartpens. Exclusive offer from Smartpen Australia Exclusive to Smartpen Australia we offer our customers the option of purchasing the Echo 4GB or 8GB Smartpen bundled with

What Livescribe Products We Keep in Stock

At Smartpen Australia, we’ve got a simple commitment to you the customer. We will stock each and every product that our friends at Livescribe make available for the Australia and New Zealand market. Let’s talk stock levels Over the past 2 years of working with the fantastic team from Livescribe and you the Livescribe local community, we’ve not only had the opportunity to talk to thousands of you, but we also kind of get what you need from a local, dedicated, customers service supplier. From time to time, we may not have every product in stock – in every case

Livescribe 2GB + MyScript Offer Finishes – Should we bring it back?

Over the past few months we’ve been running a really great offer whereby the Livescribe Pulse 2GB Smartpen has been bundled with MyScript for Livescribe. Our regional distributor organised this for us and it’s been very successful (thanks John!). But all good things must come to an end – or do they? We’re currently investigating whether we extend the special offer or even create a special offer or special bundle. We need your feedback. If you purchased a Pulse Smartpen how important was it for MyScript to be included? Should we extend the offer? What are your thoughts? Tagged: 2GB,