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Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen Now Available

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen Titanium now in stock I’m pleased to announce that the Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen is now available in Australia. The 4GB Smartpen is in the new Titanium colour. The introduction of the 4GB Pulse Smartpen also marks the introduction of new packaging for the pen and a slight change in what’s included with the basic package. The key difference is a change to the standard notebook – it’s now an A5 black spiral bound notebook. Note that we’ve also created a bundled solution to include MyScript for Livescribe. MyScript for Livescribe has been incredibly popular here

NEW Livescribe Desktop Version Released – v2

On the weekend Livescribe released version 2.0 (2.033886) of the Livescribe Desktop application. In conjunction with this new version, they also launched the Livescribe app store (post to follow). NOTE – there are some current problems downloading v2. If you experiencing difficulties please let us know. These problems may persist until the 24th or 25th November I did manage to download and get a version working on one of my machines and I have to say I’m really impressed. Here are the points that I think stand out: The new look and feel is great – They have really added

New Livescribe Products – 4GB – Pro Pack – Cradle

If you’re an existing Livescribe Pulse Smartpen user, you would have received an email from Livescribe today about the new products coming through the system. Great news from the team and a reflection of how they listen and react to market feedback! Not surprisingly we’ve already fielded dozens of calls, emails, and Tweets about when the 4GB will be available here – stay tuned as I don’t have details yet. Here are the key points about the news this week: Livescribe 4GB – up to 400 hours of audio capture – but more importantly additional capacity to load applications onto

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen Announced

New Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Model Announced Great news through today from the Livescribe team with the announcement of a new model – the Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen. This latest model will record up to 400 hours of audio. We don’t have any details as to availability here in Australia or pricing. Once we do we’ll let everyone know. In addition to this, Smartpen will be introducing a number of new product bundles aimed at business and academic/student users. These new bundles will include the current Livescribe Pulse Smartpen plus the most popular accessories based on the sales data that we’ve

MyScript for Livescribe Now Available from Smartpen

Blog Post-MyScript for Livescribe Available from smart pen I’m pleased to advise that we’ve added MyScript for Livescribe into our Smartpen store. The product has been very popular with Livescribe users, so we’ve done two things 1. We’ve created a new product bundle-Livescribe ZGI plus MyScript 2. MyScript for Livescribe-stand alone, fully licensed If you’re wondering whether the product works well, this blog post was created by my Livescribe pen. I’m pleased to advise that we’ve added MyScript for Livescribe into our Smartpen store. MyScript for Livescribe The product has been very popular with Livescribe users, so we’ve done two things: We’ve

Livescribe Desktop Upgrade for PC and MAC

News through this morning that Livescribe has released upgrades to both versions of Livescribe Desktop. You can download the relevant update by docking your Pulse Smartpen – then accept the prompt to download the update. Livescribe Desktop for Windows version 1.7 Livescribe made improvements to Livescribe Desktop for Windows to correct known issues, and improve usability. Livescribe recommend this upgrade for all users. We’ve downloaded the new Livescribe Desktop for Windows – version 1.7 – note the attachment is 2.2MB Livescribe Desktop for Mac OS X version 1.2 Livescribe has made improvements to Livescribe Desktop for Mac OS X to

MyScript for Livescribe now with 25 new languages

Vision Objects – developers of the MyScript for Livescribe transcription product has just has just posted the expanded language offerings on their website. MyScript for Livescribe is now available for 25 additional languages with all of them available for free. The language packs include: Chinese (simplified and traditional) Italian Russian Danish Dutch French Spanish Greek German And many others. Visit the MyScript for Livescribe webpage for further details MyScript for Livescribe

Livescribe Desktop Upgrade for MAC Snow Leopard

Great news from Livescribe over the weekend for our MAC community. The Mac Livescribe Desktop v1.2 for Snow Leopard is now live! We’ve included the release notes here. Livescribe recommends this upgrade only for customers using Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). This update is not recommended for customers using Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). New Features for MAC Snow Leopard Version Livescribe made improvements to Livescribe Desktop to add new features, correct known issues, and improve usability: Currently supports Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard only Includes drag and drop installation We’ll post a link to the documentation as