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What Livescribe Products We Keep in Stock

At Smartpen Australia, we’ve got a simple commitment to you the customer. We will stock each and every product that our friends at Livescribe make available for the Australia and New Zealand market. Let’s talk stock levels Over the past 2 years of working with the fantastic team from Livescribe and you the Livescribe local community, we’ve not only had the opportunity to talk to thousands of you, but we also kind of get what you need from a local, dedicated, customers service supplier. From time to time, we may not have every product in stock – in every case

Smartpen and Livescribe at 2010 Special Education Expo Next Week

Over the past 2 years we’ve had the opportunity to showcase the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen at a number of education events around Australia. These events are important for us as it gives us the chance to talk face to face with many of our customers and those key people in education who work on the frontline. Next week in Adelaide, we’re going to be speaking and exhibiting at the Special Education Expo being run by SERU, a support centre under the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS). SERU provides a range of learning and teaching materials and

Livescribe Desktop – Custom Notebooks

Version 2 of Livescribe Desktop introduced a great new feature – custom notebooks. This was a feature many of our Livescribe Australia customers have been requesting. Put simply, it allows a Livescribe user to create custom notebooks inside Livescribe Desktop where they can then park content that they may have created across a number of different Livescribe notebooks. How Is This Useful? Let me give you a couple of examples. Livescribe Custom Notebooks for Student Use I contacted one of our local customers who’s a university student. His comments included: I really like this feature. It now allows me to

Changes to how we list Livescribe Pulse Smartpens

Ahead of our launch of an exciting new product bundle, we’ve standardised how we list the Livescribe Pulse 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens on our site. The product descriptions now clearly distinguish between both the 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens whilst also making it clearer which pens are bundled with MyScript for Livescribe (still an exclusive offer by Smartpen). Here’s a snapshot of the 2GB pens: The 4GB Pens are listed in a similar way. I trust these changes make navigation easier on our site. Any feedback will always be appreciated. Tagged: 2GB Pulse, 2gb smartpen, 4GB Pulse, 4GB Smartpen,

Livescribe Charging Cradles Now Available

We’ve received lots of requests for replacement or spare charging cradles for the Livescribe Smartpen.These are the small black USB cradle that comes with the pen. Many customers want one for home and work, whilst others have unfortunately misplaced their cradle. I’m pleased to advise that we now have these in stock. These cradles suit both the original Livescribe Smartpens along with the new Titanium colour. Click on the image to view the USB cradle in the Smartpen store Tagged: livescribe, Pulse Smartpen, Replacement Cradle, smartpen, Spare USB Cradle, USB Cradle

Livescribe Supports Creative Thinking

I had the opportunity to attend Gary Bertwistle’s 2 day workshop – Fire Up Your Mojo 2010 last this month. I know Gary through my membership of The Executive Connection where he is a well known speaker on marketing, brand, and mojo. Gary’s also one of the leading advocates of creative thinking in Australia. As part of the workshop Gary gave everyone a unlined journal – he refers to them as a creative thinking journal. This got me thinking about how I use my Livescribe Pulse Smartpen and it dawned on me that the Pulse Smartpen and our own unlined

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen + Some Other News

I hope to have confirmed information re general availability of the 4GB pen within the next two weeks. Once I have a confirmed date for stock, we’ll open up the store for pre-orders. Here’s an image of the 4GB in the new colour 2010 is shaping up as a big year for us Firstly, the RRP for the 2GB pen has been reduced to $299 (including GST). This is in time for us to help out the flood of new students entering university as well as many of our Government and corporate users who are completing trials of the Pulse

Windows 7 and Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

We’ve had a few requests from the community about whether Livescribe Desktop will work with Windows 7. If you have upgraded to Windows 7 (we will be shortly) and you have a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen – then you’re in luck. Livescribe Desktop v1.7 is compatible with Windows 7. To get Livescribe Desktop v1.7, simply go to the Livescribe website and follows the links through the Support section of the site. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line Tagged: Digital Pen, live scribe, livescribe, Livescribe compatible, Livescribe Desktop, Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, Pulse Smartpen, Windows 7

New Livescribe Products – 4GB – Pro Pack – Cradle

If you’re an existing Livescribe Pulse Smartpen user, you would have received an email from Livescribe today about the new products coming through the system. Great news from the team and a reflection of how they listen and react to market feedback! Not surprisingly we’ve already fielded dozens of calls, emails, and Tweets about when the 4GB will be available here – stay tuned as I don’t have details yet. Here are the key points about the news this week: Livescribe 4GB – up to 400 hours of audio capture – but more importantly additional capacity to load applications onto

Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen Announced

New Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Model Announced Great news through today from the Livescribe team with the announcement of a new model – the Livescribe 4GB Pulse Smartpen. This latest model will record up to 400 hours of audio. We don’t have any details as to availability here in Australia or pricing. Once we do we’ll let everyone know. In addition to this, Smartpen will be introducing a number of new product bundles aimed at business and academic/student users. These new bundles will include the current Livescribe Pulse Smartpen plus the most popular accessories based on the sales data that we’ve