Livescribe Echo Accessories – Back in Stock

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve (finally) got most of the Livescribe Echo accessories back in stock. We currently have the following available for immediate dispatch: Livescribe Deluxe Carry Case – the demand for this product has been incredible and feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. Livescribe Smartpen Portfolio -this product has been very popular with business users – it figs snugly into most laptop bags and business satchels. Echo 3-D Recording Premium Headset – an excellent accessory that fits into the Deluxe Carry Case and gives users the complete set of accessories. If you’d like to order these

Special February Smartpen Pricing

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve launched a special February promotion with Livescribe for a couple of the Smartpen’s. The special pricing is as follows: 2GB Pulse Smartpen – RRP $209 – Reduced to $149. 4GB Echo Smartpen – RRP $242 – Reduced to $199. This pricing is available now and will run till Feb 28. The pricing noted above includes Australian GST. We’ve also reduced our exclusive bundles – the 2GB Pulse Smartpen + MyScript and the 4GB Echo Smartpen + MyScript. If you’d like more information feel free to contact us via our usual channels – blog, email,

Using a Livescribe Smartpen as a Tutorial Aide

We get a few questions every week about using a Livescribe Smartpen as a tutorial aide. Livescribe Smartpen’s offer real value for someone who tutors students so I thought I’d use this post to share my thoughts about the potential. 1. Capture key learning areas in short Pencasts Pencasts are an easy way to create, store, and share interactive tutorials. A Tutor can focus on key learning areas and easily create a library of content that can be shared with students. Pencasts used properly can become a significant marketing tool for your business as well. Building a library of Pencasts

Special Livescribe 2GB Pulse Offers

We know the Echo Smartpen has been hogging the headlines over the past few months, so we’ve come up with a couple of special offers for those who either own a Pulse Smartpen or who are on a budget and want to buy a Smartpen. Pulse Smartpen Special Offer #1 If you already own a Pulse Smartpen we’ve reduced the price of the Premium Black Leather case from $44.95 to $22.95. This is a near 50% reduction in the cost of this very popular leather case.     Pulse Smartpen Special Offer #2 Our second special offer is for anyone

Livescribe Smartpens Recognised as one of Top 100 Most Innovative Gadgets for 2010

Livescribe continues to earn international recognition for their mobile computing platform. Early last week PC World has included the Livescribe Smartpen range in its annual Best Products of 2010 report. It’s great to see Livescribe continuing to achieve  industry recognition. Recent announcements like the Apple applications and the Livescribe Paper Tablet app are clear demonstration of how Livescribe’s mobile computing platform is coming of age. Tagged: echo, echo smartpen, iPad app, iPhone App, livescribe, livescribe echo, Livescribe Smartpen, mobile computing, paper tabler, pcworld, Pulse, smartpen

FREE Pulse Smartpen Offer for a Queensland School

With the launch of the new Echo Smartpen range a few months ago I upgraded my 4GB Pulse Smartpen to an Echo. So I’ve got a near new Pulse Smartpen that sits around doing nothing. As such, I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to give this pen away to a school in Queensland so that it can be put to good use and help students who have learning difficulties. This is the Pulse Smartpen: We’re giving away a 4GB Pulse Smartpen Here’s the criteria you need to meet in order to qualify: You must work at a primary school

iPhone & iPad App for Livescribe Pencasts – It’s available Now

Sitting on exciting news like this is tough so it’s with much relief that I can announce that Livescribe has released the MUCH anticipated applications for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The release of the free Pencast player enables you to access a digital copy of your synchronized notes and audio as pencasts from anywhere. Now notes and audio from critical meetings or lectures are portable and playable when you need them. This is a major step forward for Livescribe’s mobile computing platform – we first got wind of this earlier this year when Jim Marggraff visited Australia.

Changing from Pulse to Echo – New Install of Livescribe Desktop?

We’ve had a few questions from customers about whether they need to change or upgrade or reinstall Livescribe Desktop if they decide to move from a Pulse to an Echo Smartpen. The short answer is no. You keep using your current version of Livescribe Desktop as the software will recognise the new pen and creating a specific space for content from this new pen. Here are the key points: Keep your current version of Livescribe Desktop Give your new Echo Smartpen a new or different name (see screen capture below) Use the Echo Smartpen normally, docking it via the USB

Livescribe Echo vs Pulse Smartpens – Comparing the two

Since the Livescribe Echo was introduced last month we’ve had a lot of questions about the differences between the two pens. Should I stay with the Pulse, upgrade to an Echo, which is the better model? In this post I’m going to discuss some of the core differences between the existing Pulse Smartpens and the new Echo range. Smartpen Product Line Changes By now you may have noticed changes to the product line up. With the withdrawal of the 4GB Pulse pen, the products available here in Australia and New Zealand include: 2GB Pulse 4GB Echo 8GB Echo As always,

Universal Leather Case Added to Store

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve added a new accessory product into the Smartpen store today. The Universal Leather Case (https://www.smartpen.com.au/content/universal-leather-case) has been designed to suit both the Pulse and Echo Smartpens. This case looks similar to the original Premium Leather Case – a product designed only for the Pulse Smartpen. The Universal Leather Case is available now from Smartpen. Tagged: echo, leather carry case, livescribe, livescribe case, Pulse