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Livescribe Stock Now Available for New Zealand Customers

For some months now there has been little if any inventory available for New Zealand. We’ve spoken to many of you about this as we’ve worked to resolve the distribution problem. We’ve looked at a number of options, none of which was a good fit for Livescribe, ourselves, or our customers. We have been working closely with Livescribe for over 5 years and supporting the NZ market for over 4 years – we have the expertise and the focus to ensure that the market can be both supported and grown effectively. Therefore, in order to ensure New Zealand customers have

Livescribe WiFi Smartpen Firmware Update

Recently Livescribe released a software update for the WiFi smartpen. This latest version is 3.3.0 – we recommend all WiFi smartpen users upgrade as soon as possible. In addition to a number of fixes and some performance improvements, the key new feature in this update is the introduction of Archiving. Archive Notebooks This new feature allows you to archive notebooks once you’re finished with them. This function is accessed from the pen and will remove that notebooks content from your smartpen – this frees up capacity on the pen. How Do I Archive a Notebook from my WiFi Smartpen? Archiving

What Livescribe Notebooks Can I Use?

We’ve had a number of customers asking us via email and our social channels about what Livescribe dot paper products are compatible with the new WiFi smartpen. We do address this question on our product pages but it’s worth noting here as well. All current Livescribe paper products will work with your new WiFi smartpen – this means if you are upgrading from a Pulse or Echo smartpen, you can simple continue to use your existing notebooks. I’ve tested this myself – and even gone as far back as a notebook I first used over 5 years ago and the

New Sky WiFi Smartpen Feature – Sync via Cable

The most recent software update released by Livescribe for the Sky WiFi smartpen contains an important new feature – Sync to Evernote via cable. What this means is that you can use your laptop (that’s connected to the internet) to sync content to Evernote. The Sky wifi smartpen can also connect to the Internet through your computer by using the included USB cable and the Livescribe Helper application. This is a convenient backup option to update your smartpen and synchronize your recorded notes and audio with your online Evernote account. Launch Livescribe Helper. Plug in your Sky wifi smartpen. Livescribe

Delivering Value for All Livescribe Customers

For the past 5 years Smartpen has worked really hard to support ALL Livescribe customers across Australia and New Zealand. Over the past 3 months we’ve worked to extend what we do even further beyond what anyone else does in the market. Because we’re dedicated to the Livescribe product we offer far more than simply competitive prices. This is important because it means piece of mind. Here’s what else we do above and beyond competitive prices: 1. Multiple Contact Channels Over the past 5 years we’ve identified and built a variety of channels so customers have a wide choice in